Copyright, higher resolutions, contact


Please note that the copyrights is valid for all of my photos.
Duplicating, editing of photos or part of it without my written permission is not permitted.

Photos with higher resolutions:
Original photos with high resolutions available uppon request.

Contact with me:
Please use the comment below to contact me


3 thoughts on “Copyright, higher resolutions, contact

  1. Mohammad, thank you so much for spending so much time catching up on my blog. It’s very thoughtful of you to do so and then like so many of the ones you viewed.
    Best, to you.

    1. Thanks Tim, I have been following you in the past, somehow I lost the link to your site and couldn’t get to your site by clicking n your small photo ( it did go to your avatar).
      Anyhow, I found your photos excellent, good eyes for details and photos from ordinary people and lots of different cities in the world. I learn a lot by looking at your photos. Thanks alot for sharing

      my warmest regards

      1. I’m very pleased that we were able to reconnect. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Again, thank you for spending the time looking at my images. Best with all of your endeavors.

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